Thirty One Canada – Review

Name: Thirty One Gifts


Cost to Join: $1-300

Owners: Cindy Monroe

Overall Rank: 8 out 10

Is Thirty One Gifts a scam? I can tell you it is not, it is a business opportunity for independent consultants. My wife has been an independent consultant since 2013, she has done very well for herself. Like any business that you decide to venture into you need put the effort in to make it succeed, there is nothing out there that will make you millions by doing nothing (I wish there was!) To be honest with you about how difficult in can be I will tell you that there were times she almost quit whether it was because of a hard month, inconsistency, whatever it was, she was very close to throwing in the towel, but she worked hard and persevered and is now making a full time income working her business and has now worked herself up to an independent executive consultant for Thirty One Gifts. Good Job, Babe!

This just does not happen overnight, you have to be ready and willing to put in the work.


You can become a Consultant by purchasing an Enrollment Kit for only $115 this kit includes many of Thirty One’s most popular products, plus helpful business tools that will help get your business off to an amazing start
Your personalized website will cost you 14.95 /month, this is not mandatory, but like any Direct Sales Company in Canada you will need this if you are serious about growing your business.


Thirty One gives consultants access to a website just for Thirty-One Consultants, full of training videos and tools you can use to market and grow your business. Consultants also have the opportunity to attend local and national events where you’ll connect with other Consultants and learn how to grow your business. There is a yearly national conference (typically in Columbus Ohio) where 10K+ attend and celebrate achievements and learn new ways to grow the business.


Thirty one personalizes purses, accessories, storage totes and many other things you might fight around your house or out in a store. They offer some Jewelry as well as promotional items throughout the year.


Thirty One Gifts consultants enjoy up to a 40% discount on product commissions start at 25% of the personal sales volume of the consultant. They offer something called a starts swell which encourages new consultants to meet certain requirements and in turn getting Dream wish rewards that you can use towards a Disney vacation or Visa Gift card. You can also use these rewards for products and business supplies. As you grow your team and your title, your Commission structure grows with you.

Incentive Trips are a yearly for directors and above, previous trips included the Hard Rock in Punta Cana and at the Myan Riviera, as well as a Trip to Atlantis this past year, 2019 Incentive is Hawaii.
In addition to the above, you can also earn product through quarterly incentives, the product you earn has a direct relation to the amount of personal volume you put through.

Bottom Line

I recommend this company as a legitimate business opportunity, you can make a living with Direct Sales and Thirty One Gifts is no different. The thing with Direct Sales companies is that you need to put in the effort to get to the top, and it can sometimes be a long road. You need to take advantage of promotions to help grow your team, and take advantage of all the training that they provide, if you do well they do well, so you know the training is going to benefit you.

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  1. I agree with you man! A lot of people thinks that Thirty One Canada is a scam. But they are dead-wrong. I have seen a lot of people who have used this program and made a lot of money. You just have to give yourself some time and be patience with the program. They say Roma was not built in a build. It’s the same with this business. Be consistence and you will be amaze with the result. 

  2. Hey Mike, 

    I was curious if this product is versatile enough for my niche of beginner guitar, and If you think it could be of any use to me. I have been working very hard to grow my business and I stumbled across your article and I was very  by this offer!

    Thank you so much, sincerely!


  3. Thirty One Canada seems to be for those who already have money in hand and are looking for a way to build their already established business.  Personally, I don’t have $115.00 to plow into something I’m not sure is going to work for me.  The additional monthly fee for a website someone else builds for me is not something I would look forward to as I build my own websites.

    So for those who have money in hand I guess this would be a viable option, but for those who are looking to make money online, I would try to find other opportunities out there.


    • You need to spend money to make money, at least that’s what they say.  Nothing comes for free, and if you are not willing to spend 100$ you are probably not willing to put the effort in that is needed to be successful.

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