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So this year I decided that I did not want to fight the malls and traffic around them while getting ready for the holidays. My plan was and is to do 90% of the family shopping online (I have even started to order groceries from Walmart online, but that is a story for another post) I have only been using ebates for about 6 months now, and have received a “big fat check” of 42.00 just for doing the shopping I was going to do anyways, and from the comfort of my own home.

Ebates – How does it work

First you need to sign up for an account with ebates, signing up for Ebates is free, you can do this here

Next steps are simple, you simply shop at your favorite stores online and you earn cash back on your purchases. Ebates is able to offer you this as the stores you are shopping from pay Ebates a commission for them sending you to that online store. Ebates then in turns shares that commission with you.

They periodically offer different cash back percentages as well as additional coupons at different online stores.

Start Shopping and beat the crowds while earning cash back on your purchases

Ebates Stores List

There is an exhaustive ebates list of stores that reaches over 750. You can shop stores in Beauty and Healthcare, Travel, clothing, shoes, electronics, home, auto, pets, baby, kids, toys, food, books, entertainment, sports, there is almost every store you can imagine on here. Now there are stores that you may want to shop with that do not work with Ebates, don’t be sad, just understand you will not earn any cash back with those store 🙂

How much can you make with Ebates

Ebates cash back varies with the stores that you purchase from, as of the date of the post cash back percentages vary from 1-40%. When you are looking at the percentages make sure you read the fine print, sometimes the percent is not for everything in the store, it is for a particular band or type of product only. See this example of Amazons Ebates structure.

To earn even more make sure you take advantage of all the additional promos and coupons that ebates.ca has to offer.

How and when does Ebates send out “Big Fat Checks”

Every three months they will send you an “ebates cash back payment” in one of three ways, either by check, PayPal or you can choose to have donated or given to a family member. They will not make a payment until you have a balance of $5.01.

Below is a chart showing you when you get paid for the purchases you made in between certain dates.

Tips to have the best Ebates experience

Ebates.ca/.com chrome extension: Go to the google chrome web store and download the ebates.ca or ebates.com extension, this will ensure you get ebates every time you go to a shop and make a purchase.

Cash Back Payment: I would recommend that you use PayPal as the option to get paid, it is very secure, and it prevents the hassle of trying to get a check replaces if it is lost in the mail.

Bottom Line

Ebates is a great way to put a little extra money in your pocket for stuff you are already buying. You are not going to get rich doing this.

If you are interested in making some additional money but more than just pocket change head over to my post on affiliate marketing and have a read.

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  1. You right in that you are not going to get rich by doing this cashback but hey its cash back on money you are already spending so its not a loss but only a gain so its a good thing. Everything helps 🙂

    They seem to cover a great array of shops also, thanks for sharing.

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