direct sales companies in Canada – DSA Members only

So you are interested in starting you are own direct sales business, good for you and I wish you nothing but luck and success in you are endevours! Its no secret you can make a lot of money with these business as long as you are willing to put in the effort.

I am going to list 10 of the direct sales companies in Canada that are part of the DSA (direct sellers association) and that I have had some experience with. The DSA ensures companies uphold the most rigorous standards, ethics and good business practices. I am not saying that companies that are not part of the DSA don’t do this, I am only giving my opinion that I would only join one that is part of it. An example of a company that is part of the DSA is Thirty One Gifts.

My wife is in direct sales and the best part of it for her is the friends she has made through her journey, one of my favorite things is all the free trips she earns and takes me on :).

Anyways on to my list of 10 direct sales companies in Canada that are part of the DSA.

10 Direct Sales Companies in Canada

ACN Offers residential and business phone, internet, gas and electricity as well as security. This was my first experience with Direct sales and I failed, I did not have the sales attitude needed to do well in this industry. I do know a few people who are still doing it and they are doing well.

Our experience with Arbonne has been with their skin care products, Personally I have not used their products, but my wife uses them quite a bit. Product is a bit expensive (from a guys point of view) but my wife swears by their results.

Isagenix is a weight loss / well-being company. They provided packaged plans to help lose weight as well as individual products to keep you on the right path


Moat is a premium hair care products company.

Pampered Chef is a kitchen supplies Direct Sales company, we have many of their products in our home. They offer great warranties, and the products themselves are fantastic.

As the name suggests, Scentsy is a company that provides waxes, body lotions, laundry and other great smelling products.

Shaklee offers healthy home, beauty, nutrition, solutions. From cleaning supplies, to weight loss. They have been around for a while and have a proven track record.

Stampin Up was one of the first companies my wife worked for, she loves the products so much. It is great for crafters and creative people.

Steeped tea is a herbal tea company, it is Canadian based which is different from many of the other companies in this list.

Thirty one gifts is an organization and storage solution company that offers personlization on many of their products. You can read my full review of Thirty one here.

Direct Sales Companies

To conclude direct sales is not for everyone, if you think you may want to try some affiliate marketing check out my post on the Wealthy Affiliate.

And so we are clear, I do not personally endorse any of these companies, I am simply giving you some tools do to you are own due diligence.

Good luck to you in which ever business venture you choose to go down, if you put in the effort you can and will be successful. Please feel free to comment and share you experiences with any of these companies or any others that may not be on the list.






  1. I can not agree with you more. You need the right attitude and skill set in order to be successful in this industry. You need to put a lot of time and effort.
    In my opinion I prefer affiliate marketing for many reasons:
    1. You can dedicate all time that you want
    2. You don’t have to be an expert or have exceptional writing skills everybr can do it
    3. You can actually decide what to promote
    4. You become an authority online, you can give your opinion and write about things that yoy feel passionate about

  2. You provide an extensive list of 10 DSA Companies within Canada and this is valuable information for those needing to know which company is the best to belong to.

    As you have so aptly commented, one does need to do their own due diligence in order find out which one is best for their own purposes.

    Thank you for providing this information for us out there.


  3. Thanks for the wonderful review of Canadian sales company. I think this information is helpful for Canadian people who want to establish their business online. All of these companies are genuine since they are direct member of seller association. But I like Wealthy Affiliate and want to go further on it. Thanks once again for sharing this.

  4. Great article, I’ve tried direct selling in the US but didn’t have much luck with it myself. I think it would be cool if you write a post about the difference between direct selling and affiliate marketing, Some people see Facebook ads and follow them believing they will get rich quick by doing direct selling and it is very misleading. 

    • I will work on an article stating the differences, thanks for the great idea.  There are a lot of scams out there, if you truly want to make money on your own, you need to put in the effort don’t just look at the ads, do some research.  

  5. Hello Mike,

    The list of companies associated with DSA, to make direct sales, has been very interesting for me.

    I have a friend living recently in Canada. 

    I will pass on data from your website, so that she compared the different alternatives that you detail. 

    It has always been to your liking the sale with the possibility of making money 🙂

    Thank you ! Claudio

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